All photography provided by Patrick Milligan

Laikipia, Kenya. Home to many: the critically endangered Grevy's Zebra, the final 3 Northern White Rhinoceros, the Maasai people, the African Elephant, and the Mpala Research Centre.

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Our Mission

The ultimate goal of this site is to generate more interest in conservation of East African habitats, to encourage involvement of undergraduate students in conservation and research, and to foster interaction between students from the United States, Kenya, Europe, and elsewhere.

Check in each week, we will do our best to pump out podcasts, blogs, picture journals, and more to keep you immersed in the Kenyan way of life.

There’s a different breed of scientist that needs to be out here, one that’s very flexible and do-it-yourself kind of person
— Nic Kooyers, Eco Tones Episode 2